Long-Overdue Update / by Joe

Listeners! We love you! We're sorry to have let the podcast feed go dormant for so long.

I, Joe, would like to personally apologize for the silence. This year I uprooted my life, and took to the road to travel the United States in a camper van with my wife. In addition to the sheer effort needed to make the transition successful, my "day job" also needed time and energy. Not to mention finding time to enjoy the trip!

Now, a couple of months into the adventure, we're finding some stability and balance, and I intend to spend more time on the show.

Entheogen brings all of us joy and we hope to continue it for many more seasons. Your support makes this possible. It's been so encouraging to see the comments and newsletter subscriptions coming in while the show was on hiatus. Check out our latest stats!

Listener Update July 2018.png

Thank you all so much for listening and helping to spread the word. We'll be back with more shows soon!